Fan Jinmin was born in 1955 as a native of Wuxi (無錫), Jiangsu. He holds a doctoral degree in history and currently serves as a professor and doctoral supervisor at the Department of History of Nanjing University (南京大學歷史系). He is mainly engaged in researching and teaching Ming-Qing history, in particular the Ming-Qing era socio-economic history and the regional history of Jiangnan (江南). He was a visiting scholar at Grinnell College, the United States in 1993; a visiting professor at the Faculty of Letters in Kyoto University, Japan in 1998 and a visiting scholar at Harvard-Yenching Institute, the United States in 1999-2000; in 2003 Spring, he revisited Japan as a visiting professor, first at the Faculty of Letters at Kyoto University, then at the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences at Osaka City University. In China, he is serving concurrently as deputy secretary of the Chinese Society of Ming Dynasty History (中國明史學會), a council member of the Chinese Economic History Society (中國經濟史學會) and vice-president of the Society of Chinese Commercial History (中國商業史學會).

In his research career, Professor Fan has ample experience in both leading teams and working independently on projects sponsored by social science funds of the Ministry of Education. Examples are “A Study on the History of Silk Through the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties (宋元明清江南絲綢史研究),” “Commercial Disputes and Litigations in Ming-Qing Period (明清商事糾紛與商業訴訟),” “The Development of Commerce and Market Towns in Jiangnan during the Ming and Qing Dynasties (明清江南城鎮和商業的發展),” and “A Study on Ming-Qing Dynasty Merchant Associations (明清商幫研究).” He was also involved as a team member in over ten projects sponsored by national or provincial-level social science funds or natural science funds, and a participant in international collaborative projects such as “A Study on Ming-Qing Dynasty Regional Archives (中國明清地方檔案的研究).” His published treatises include: Studies in the History of Silk in Jiangnan (江南絲綢史研究), The Development of Commerce in Jiangnan during the Ming and Qing Dynasties (明清江南商業的發展) and The Dongting Merchant Group (洞庭商幫); he also co-authored a number of works including: Socio-Economic History of Suzhou Region (Ming-Qing Volume) (蘇州地區社會經濟史(明清卷)), Agricultural Policy during China’s Prosperous Periods Through the Ages (中國歷代盛世農政史), Economic History of Nanjing (南京經濟史), Jiangnan Society and its Scholar Merchants (江南儒商與江南社會) and Compilation of Records on the Remnant People of Ming Dynasty (明遺民錄匯輯). He has published over 70 research papers in Social Sciences in China (中國社會科學), Historical Research (歷史研究), Journal of Chinese Historical Studies (中國史研究), Researches in Chinese Economic History (中國經濟史研究), as well as various journals in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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