The Splendid Chinese Culture

Chinese Festivals


China is known for the varieties of its traditional festivals. According to the Tong sheng, an ancient Chinese almanac, there are at least nine major festivals, twenty-four solar periods, and one hundred forty celebrations in a year. Festivals commemorate seasonal, temporal, or phenological changes.


Sun-Wu and Military Thought


Bingjia (military specialists) refers to the academic school of the pre-Qin (times before 221 BCE) masters that mainly studied military theories, tactics of using troops, and war strategies. The representative figures include Sun Wu, Wu Qi, and others, whose main texts were Sunzi bingfa (Sunzi’s Art of War), Wuzi (Master Wu), and others. ion marks are symbols used in writing to denote pauses, intonation, and the nature and function of words; they are an organic part of the written language.”

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