The Splendid Chinese Culture

Famous Figures in Chinese Opera and in Chinese History


In The Purple Hairpin (《紫釵記》), Li Yi (李益) is depicted as not only eloquent and charming, but was also deeply devoted in love. He was someone who was uninterested in fame and fortune and was deeply in love with Huo Xiaoyu (霍小玉) in the opera. According to historical accounts, however, Li was an overbearing man who imposed strict control over his wife and concubines. 


The Fantasy World of The Classic of Mountains and Seas


「山中有一種獸,形狀如羊一般,有九條尾巴、四隻耳朵,眼睛長在背上……有一個羽民國,該國的人身上長滿羽毛。還有一個國家,名叫卵民國,國人都會生卵。」 這些描述,看似天方夜譚,不可思義,卻實實在在出現在一部重要古籍——《山海經》之內。這書包羅之廣,內容之奇詭,歷代書籍罕能匹敵,堪稱百科全書式的「天下奇書」。

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