The Splendid Chinese Culture

Eight Immortals


The “eight immortals,” or baxian, are one of the most popular groups of deities in Chinese folklore. Their tales and attributes are well-known in almost every Chinese household.Since ancient times stories about the “eight immortals” have circulated, passing through many adaptations and transformations before coalescing into generally accepted versions. The number of immortals is fixed at eight probably because the Chinese favor that number due to the ancient belief that there are eight directions under heaven.


Geoscience in Ancient China


The geosciences in ancient China were not organized into as many sub-specialties as they are now. Originally, all the various branches were called by one name—dili geography; this included both natural and human geography. The term existed as early as the Spring and Autumn period (770–476 BCE) when it meant the lay of the land, such as mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, plains, hills, etc.

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