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Our Aim

The Academy of Chinese Studies (ACS) is dedicated to the promotion of Chinese culture. Through sharing knowledge on China’s history and culture with the people of Hong Kong, particularly youngsters, as well as Chinese and non-Chinese people around the world, we hope it will foster a more comprehensive understanding of China.



The logo consists of two parts: the top part, a silhouette of the roof of a Chinese pavilion, symbolizes protection and blessing; the bottom part, which is the Chinese character “ren” (people) is spelled out in ribbon text, symbolizing the continuity and vibrance of the Chinese culture. Together, the two parts form the character “wen” (literature) and conveys ACS’s firm commitment to promoting Chinese culture.



To cater to our ever-changing society and its needs, we strive to introduce China’s history and her latest developments in a concise, graphic-rich and systematic approach to help enhance readers’ knowledge of China’s past and present.



August 2000

The Academy of Chinese Studies (ACS) was registered as a non-profit organization.

October 2001

Launch of the Chinese version of the website (http://www.chiculture.net) (then referred to “The Splendid Chinese Culture Website”)

December 2003

“The Splendid Chinese Culture Website” was awarded 2003 United Nations World Summit Awards - Culture & Tourism.

December 2005

The simplified Chinese character version of “The Splendid Chinese Culture Website” was launched.

July 2016

The English version of “The Splendid Chinese Culture Website” was launched.

March 2018

ACS became a member organization of “Our Hong Kong Foundation”.

September 2018

The website underwent a thorough revamp, available in both traditional and simplified Chinese.

September 2019

The enhanced English version of the website was launched.

January 2020

ACS began to develop diversified teaching and learning resources for local schools. The “Chinese History and Culture Education Programme” was launched.

October 2020

“Fireflies Read Online”, an online reading platform, was launched to promote cross-curricular reading.

April 2021

Received Gold Award under the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme (WARS) 2020-2021 (Main site and Liberal Studies site).

July 2021

The Education Bureau and ACS will be co-organizing a 'Territory-wide Primary School Quiz Competition on General Studies, Chinese History, and Chinese Culture' for senior primary schools in Hong Kong.


Sponsoring Organizations

ACS would like to acknowledge the following organizations for their sponsorship and support:

  • Chi Wah Foundation
  • Lee Shau Kee Foundation
  • Macao Foundation
  • Shanghai Fraternity Association


Contact Us

Email: info@acsohk.org.hk
Phone: (852) 2603 3600
Fax: (852) 2603 0995
Address: 11/F, Fortis Tower, 77-79 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, H.K.