Professor Zhong Fulan (仲富蘭)

Professor Zhong Fulan (仲富蘭) teaches at East China Normal University (華東師範大學) and is the director of the School of Communication (新聞學系) and the Communication Research Center (傳播學研究中心). He is the deputy secretary of the Professional Committee for Theory Broadcasting (理論廣播專業委員會) of the China Radio and Television Association (中國廣播電視學會), vice-president of the Professional Committee for Village-Oriented Broadcasting (對農村廣播專業委員會) of the China Radio and Television Association, president of the Shanghai Folk Culture Society (上海市民俗文化學會), a council member of China Folklore Society (中國民俗學會) and chief editor of the publication Min Su Wen Hua Yan Jiu Tong Xin (The Folk Culture Research Communication) (民俗文化研究通信).

His works include Zhong Hua Feng Su Tan Yuan (Exploring the Origins of Chinese Folk Customs) (中華風俗探源), Zhongguo Min Su Wen Hua Xue Dao Lun (An Introduction to the Study of Chinese Folk Culture) (中國民俗文化學導論), Xian Dai Min Su Liu Bian (Changing Modern Folk Traditions) (現代民俗流變), Guang Bo Ping Lun: Gong Neng, Xuan Ti yu Yu Yan Yi Shu (A Critique of Broadcasting: Function, Topic Selection and Rhetoric) (廣播評論:功能、選題與語言藝術), Zhongguo Min Su Liu Bian (Changing Chinese Folk Traditions) (中國民俗流變), Dang Dai Ren yu Min Su(The Contemporary People and Folk Traditions) (當代人與民俗), Min Su yu Wen Hua Za Tan (Miscellaneous Talk on Folk Traditions and Culture) (民俗與文化雜談), Min Su Feng Qing (Folk Traditions and Local Customs) (民俗風情), Shi Er Sheng Xiao Qu Tan (Interesting Tales on the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals) (十二生肖趣談), Shanghai Shi Ji yu Feng Tu (Historical Remnants and Local Conditions of Shanghai) (上海史跡與風土), Min Su Wen Hua Lun Gang (An Outline of the Study of Folk Culture) (民俗文化學論綱) and Wen Hua Xun Gen (In Search of the Origins of Culture) (文化尋根). He is also the chief editor of the academic publication series Guo Feng (國風), and has published over a few million words in various academic works, essays, casual writings and news commentary for national and international newspapers and journals. Since 1988, he has served as the director of the Shanghai Folk Culture Society (上海市民俗文化學會). 

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