Professor Liu Jinxiang (劉峻驤)

Professor Liu Jinxiang (劉峻驤) , Graduated from the School of Chinese Language and Literature at Beijing Normal University (北京師範大學文學院), Professor Liu Jinxiang (劉峻驤) taught first at his alma mater, then at the Beijing Academy of Fine Arts (北京藝術學院). He is currently a research fellow at the Chinese National Academy of Arts (中國藝術研究院), director of the Research Center on Eastern Human Body Culture (東方人體文化研究中心), deputy director of the Research Institute of Dance (舞蹈研究所) cum dance studio director and chief editor of the Zhong Hua Wu Dao Shi Yan Jiu – Dong Fang Ren Ti Wen Hua (A Study of Chinese Dance History - Eastern Human Body Culture) (中華舞蹈史研究──東方人體文化) publication series. In 1984, he proposed an integrated approach, Eastern Human Body Culture, to study dance, acrobatics, xiqu (Chinese opera), martial arts, sports, qigong (Chinese exercise that cultivates vital life-force) and yoga. He is the author of Zhongguo Za Ji (Chinese Acrobatics) (中國雜技) and Zhongguo Wu Dao Yi Shu Tu Jian, He Bian (An Illustrated Guide to the History of Chinese Dance Art, co-edited) (中國舞蹈藝術史圖鑑,合編), a compiler of Zhongguo Za Ji, Mo Ou, Pi Ying (Chinese Acrobatics, Puppetry and Shadow Puppetry) (中國雜技、木偶、皮影), a volume in Zhongguo Wen Hua Yi Shu Cong Shu (Chinese Culture and Art Series) (中國文化藝術叢書) and associate editor-in-chief of Zhonghua Yi Shu Tong Shi (A General History of Chinese Art) (中華藝術通史) cum chief editor of the first volume of the work.

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