Professor Wang Zhaochun (王兆春)

Wang Zhaochun is a research fellow at the Academy of Military Sciences (軍事科學院) He was born February 1937 in Gaoyou (高郵), Jiangsu Province and graduated from the Department of Physics at Nanjing University (南京大學物理系) in 1963. From 1963 to 1996, he worked on his research and authored various books including A History of Chinese Firearms (中國火器史), History of Chinese Science and Technology: Military Technology (中國科學技術史‧軍事技術卷), Chinese Military Treatises Through the Ages (中國歷代兵書), Ancient Chinese Weapons (中國古代兵器), Famous Chinese Military Generals Through the Ages (中國歷代名將) and General Military History of China - Military History of the Ming (Volume One) (中國軍事通史‧明代卷 (上)). He is also the co-author of various works including General Collection of Chinese Classical Works on Sciences and Technology - Volume on Technology (中國科學. 技術典籍通彙:技術卷), Dictionary on the Modernization of China (中國近代化大辭典) and Dictionary on Military Knowledge (軍事知識辭典). He was appointed research fellow in 1991 before his retirement in 1996. Throughout his career, he has won numerous awards and published numerous research works totaling at least 3,000,000 words.

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