Shao Jiangtian (邵江天)

Shao Jiangtian (邵江天) graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Nanjing University in 1967. He has been a secondary school teacher, editor of the magazine Anhui Wen Xue (Anhui Literature) (安徽文學), chief editor of the magazine Anhui Qi Ye Guan Li (Anhui Entrepreneurial Management) (安徽企業管理), associate chief editor of Anhui Wai Mao zhi (Foreign Trade Annals of Anhui) (安徽外貿志), and the associate editor-in-chief of Dui Wai Mao Yi Shi bao (International Economics and Trade Times) (對外經貿時報). He began publishing his works in 1980 and became a member of the China Writers Association (中國作家協會) in 1993. His works include the collected miscellaneous writings Yu Hou Hua (Flowers after Rain) (雨後花) and Wu Hua Guo (Figs) (無花果); the reportage collections Jun Cai Xing Chi (Dazzling Array of Worldwide Talent) (俊彩星馳) and Anhui Wai Mao Zou Xiang Shi Jie (Anhui Foreign Trade Goes Global) (安徽外貿走向世界); essay collections Shao Jiangtian San Wen Xuan (A Collection of Essays by Shao Jiangtian) (邵江天散文選), Shi Feng Wu Yu (Mild Climate) (十風五雨) and Zhang Sheng Zi Wo (Conquering Oneself) (戰勝自我), the novel collections Na Bian Shi Kong Bai (A Blank Over There) (那邊是空白) and the long biographical work Feng Jixin Zhuan (Biography of Feng Jixin) (馮紀新傳).

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