Professor Yang Boda (楊伯達)

Born 1927 in Lushun (旅順), Dalian into a family that hailed from Penglai (蓬萊), Shandong (山東), Professor Yang Boda (楊伯達) graduated from the Art Department of ‎North China University (華北大學) in 1948. He was the deputy director of The Palace Museum (故宮博物院) and is now a research fellow at the museum as well as a member of The Palace Museum’s academic committee, the deputy director of the Chinese Museums Association (中國博物館學會), a member of the Beijing People's Government Expert Consultant Group (北京市人民政府專家顧問團), a supervisor for postgraduate research on jade artifacts at the Department of Archeology of Peking University, a member of the National Committee of Cultural Relics (國家文物鑑定委員會), vice-president of the China Cultural Relics Academy (中國文物學會), president of the Jade Research Committee (玉器研究會), a consultant for the Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China (中國寶玉石協會), an honorary consultant for the Art Museum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, a senior overseas consultant for the Singapore Collectors Association (新加坡收藏家學會) and a visiting consultant for the Lee Kong Chian Art Museum of the National University of Singapore (新加坡國立大學李光前中華文物館).


His works include Gu Yu Kao (Research into Old Jades) (古玉考), Gu Yu Shi Lun (Ancient Jade History) (古玉史論), Guan Shi Suo Zang Zhongguo Gu Yu (Chinese Archaic Jades from the Kwan Collection) (關氏所藏中國古玉), Qing Dai Yuan Hua (Court Painting of the Qing Dynasty) (清代院畫) and Zhen Wan Diao Ke: Bi Yan Hu (Prized Playthings and Carvings: Snuff Bottles) (珍玩雕刻、鼻煙壺), and was the chief editor of Zhongguo Mei Shu Quan Ji: Yu Qi (The Complete Works of Chinese Art: Jade) (中國美術全集‧玉器), Zhongguo Mei Shu Quan Ji: Jin Yin Qi, Bo Li Qi, Fa Lang Qi (The Complete Works of Chinese Art: Gold and Silverware, Glassware, Enamelware) (中國美術全集‧金銀器、玻璃器、琺琅器), Zhongguo Mei Shu Quan Ji: Yuan Ming Qing Diao Su (The Complete Works of Chinese Art: Sculptures of Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties) (中國美術全集‧元明清雕塑), Gu Gong Wen Wu Da Dian (Antiques Canon, The Palace Museum) (故宮文物大典), Zhongguo Yu Wen Hua Yu Xue Lun Cong (A Collection of Essays on China's Jade Culture and the Study of Jade) (中國玉文化玉學論叢), Chu Tu Yu Qi Jian Ding yu Yan Jiu (Research and Authentication of Excavated Jades) (出土玉器鑑定與研究) and various works. He has published over a hundred treatises on museums, ancient painting, sculpture, artistry and craftsmanship in Chinese and overseas journals.

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