Luosong Zeren (洛松澤仁)

A Tibetan Chinese native of Batang County (巴塘縣), Sichuan, Luosong Zeren graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at the Southwest University for Nationalities (西南民族學院) in 1982. He is the head of the Operations Department of the China Ethnic Languages Translation Bureau (中央民族語文翻譯局) and its deputy translation editor. His major works are Collected Tibetan Folktales of Diqing (迪慶藏族民間故事集) and Profile of Every Incarnation of Karmapa Lama (歷代噶瑪巴大師傳略). He also contributed various entries relevant to his area of expertise to the Dictionary of Chinese Translators (中國翻譯家詞典), published over 20 research papers, including The Importance of Translation in Tibetan Culture (翻譯在藏族文化發展中的重要地位), and translated over 40 articles on Tibet’s monastic order, Tibetan printing and various topics. a

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