Professor Lu Li (魯力)

Born 1969, Professor Lu Li (魯力), a native of Gong’an, Hubei province, is a professor at the School of History and Culture of South China Normal University (華南師範大學歷史文化學院). From 1995 to 2001, he studied at the Wuhan University’s Research Institute of 3-9th Century Chinese History (武漢大學三至九世紀研究所), focusing on the history of China during the Six Dynasties period (魏晉南北朝) and the Sui (隋) and Tang (唐) dynasties. He obtained his doctoral degree in History in 2001. In his doctoral dissertation Wei Jin Nan Zhao Zong Wang Wen Ti Yan Jiu (A Study on the Issue of the Princes During the Six Dynasties Period) (魏晉南朝宗王問題研究), he presented a detailed investigation of the status and duties of the princes during the Six Dynasties period. He has also published numerous academic research papers such as Wuhan Da Xue Xue Bao (Wuhan University Journal) (武漢大學學報), Wei Jin Nan Bei Zhao Sui Tang Shi Zi Liao (Information of the Six Dynasties Period and the Sui and Tong Dynasties) (魏晉南北朝隋唐史資料) and Bei Zhao Yan Jiu (Northern Dynasty Research) (北朝研究).

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