Born 1942, Zhou Jiahua (周嘉華), a native of Rui’an, Zhejiang province, graduated from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Guangxi University (廣西大學化學系). He is currently a research fellow at The Institute for the History of Natural Sciences (自然科學史研究所), Chinese Academy of Sciences (中國科學院) and was the secretary of the Chinese Society for the History of Science and Technology (中國科學技術史學會). A veteran researcher on the history of chemistry and the chemical industry in China as well as the global history of chemistry. He has published 32 treatises and co-authored works including Hua Xue Si Xiang Shi (A History of the Philosophy of Chemistry) (化學思想史), Er Shi Shi Ji Ke ji Jian Shi (A Concise History of Technology in 20th Century) (二十世紀科技簡史), Huang Jiu Niang Zao (The Brewing of Huangjiu) (黃酒釀造), Shi Jie Hua Xue Shi (A Global History of Chemistry) (世界化學史), Zao Hua zhi Gong: Zai Xian Hui Huang de Hua Xue (Feats of Creation: Chemistry’s Glorious Comeback) (造化之功:再顯輝煌的化學), and over 50 research papers.

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